In-Depth Reviews of Colleges

How does the workload impact your social life?

Columbia social atmosphere 7 --read more--

How would you make your classes better?

Princeton classes 6 --read more--

Are people intellectual? Do they have thoughtful conversations with each other?

Brown social atmosphere 5 --read more--

Are your classes too hard, or too easy? Why?

Penn dificulty 4 --read more--

Is it easy to make friends? How did you make friends?

Yale social atmosphere 1 --read more--

Are there comfortable places to study?

Harvard campus 2 --read more--

Do professors make things easy to understand?

Dartmouth professors 1 --read more--

Neuroscience: What are people in the major like? How would you stereotype them?

Pitt neuroscience 8 --read more--

How much will not partying limit your social life?

Wisconsin parties 3 --read more--

How's the on-campus food (taste, price, health, convenience, hours, variety...)?

Adelphi food 1 --read more--

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