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  • Academics What are the people in the economics major like? How would you stereotype them?
  • Academics Would you go to class if you didn't have to?
  • Living Environment Where can you go to get groceries?
  • Living Environment What is Panther Hall like (social, comfortable, location...)?
  • Social Life Are people intellectual? Do they have thoughtful conversations with each other?
  • Social Life Are there any good school sponsored events, or do they all suck?
  • Social Life How much will not partying limit your social life?
  • About College Who are the people involved in teaching a class? What is a TA? UTA? What background/training/qualifications do they have?
  • About College How does social life change as you become an upperclassman?

  • The best way to choose a college is to read student reviews. Reviews

  • But student reviews are only as good as the questions that they ask. Question mark

  • Right now, student reviews only ask a small fraction of the questions that you want answered.
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  • College Inside View asks them all. Full chart

  • Right now, only 4 pilot schools have reviews (Pitt, Wisconsin, Colgate and Adelphi). If you'd like to be notified when more schools get reviews, enter your email below:

  • *Also, if you like what I'm doing and know someone in college, please ask them to answer some questions about their school on this site!*

    Sample post: "College reviews are too broad. Please help answer some more specific questions about your school!"

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